How I Use It: Graphique Canvas Tote

How I Use It: Graphique Canvas Tote

A lot of things in life bring me joy and I have realized that many of them include things that are functional and cute.

That explains why this Graphique Canvas Tote is giving me joy on the daily.

This was one of the items in the Lady Boss Loot August box, and I have put it to use already. So, how am I using it? This tote is my new Starbucks companion. I have given it responsibilities such as “protector of Macbook”, “gracing us with cuteness”, and “promoting pineapples”. I love using it instead of my purse or a “business bag” because I don’t feel like I have to protect it as much.

You know what I mean – you’re sitting at Starbucks and there’s nowhere else to hang your purse except the back of your chair. Every time someone walks by you or sits down in your vicinity, you get a tiny bit distracted as you play protective mama bear to your belongings. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s kind of annoying.

But, I’ve nixed that paranoia by using this tote, because people probably think I just have a nice book to read and a pair of sunglasses in it. Or that’s what I tell myself anyways, and it has cured my anxiousness.

OK, seriously though, if you haven’t seen this thing in person, it is the perfect size for all things business. You can take it with you on a conference, heck, take it to the beach cause I’m sure you can fit this season’s newest sarong in there. Not too big and not too small. Leather straps, so you know it’s sturdy and will last a long time.

Photo credit: Graphique de France


I love it.

What are you using your tote for?

Wait, you don’t have one? Well, you can pick one up at Graphique de France (and not just the pineapple one), but if you were subscribed to the box, you would already have one. Don’t miss out on the upcoming months. Subscribe here!

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