Lady Boss Loot is not just another subscription box with stuff in it every month. It's a lifestyle. It's a community. It's a learning experience.

Female entrepreneurs are different - we have a different mindset. We are go-getters who love collaborating and learning new things, so the goal of Lady Boss Loot is to bring like-minded women together to enhance the way we work best.


Each month, you will receive specially curated products related to a particular theme, and courses and blog articles designed to help you put some of those things into action. Financial order, self-help, finding your purpose, etc. Each box is designed to help you focus on a new aspect of your business and your life.

Community Membership Perks

Membership Dashboard

The membership dashboard is the hub for your entire membership. You have access to articles, courses, planners, and you can submit suggestions for future course or box additions.

You’ll have access to the box archives and magazines in case you need to locate past products. If Facebook is your jam, you also get access to the Facebook community.

As the community grows, groups and forums will be added.

Member Courses

Courses are included with your box subscription (a steal!) and is only $19/month if you do not want the added box.

Each month, you get access to at least one new course and a blog article related to the current focus. These don’t expire and you have access in your member dashboard for as long as you are subscribed.

The Planner Vault

Get access to an entire arsenal of planning templates and calendars to propel your business forward. You can view all current planners in the Planner Vault. Continually added monthly. The Lady Boss membership grants access to all planners, and we also have a free Girl Bossmembership that grants access to 1 free planner.

Rose Gold Coins

Members receive virtual 'Rose Gold Coins' for actions they complete on the site. These coins can be used in the marketplace to purchase extra items!


Embracing Awareness & Giving Back

"I feel terrible that I gave my money to charity." - Said no one ever.

We don't always have the extra money to give to good causes. Or maybe $50 here and there seems like a drop in the bucket when it comes to cancer research. I hear you. But giving back always makes us feel good, which is why I decided to include at least one item that supports a good cause. This way, your purchase contributes something every month, and you have a reminder of it and a story to tell.

Frequently Asked Questio

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a subscription box?
A subscription box is a recurring monthly box that is curated around a specific theme. Lady Boss Loot boxes are geared towards female entrepreneurs. The boxes are billed monthly until cancelled by the subscriber.

What do the boxes cost? Each box is $39 + shipping (GA residents pay sales tax), billed and shipped monthly. This cost includes at least one item benefiting a particular charity for the month, quality office products and lifestyle goods, and the membership community valued at $19/month.

What can I expect to get in each box? Lady Boss Loot boxes are geared towards female entrepreneurs and each box is curated with the business woman lifestyle in mind. Depending on the month, boxes include a book written by a female leader or a journal/planner, an item that supports a cause for women and children around the world, feminine office supplies, self-care items and a healthy snack, a mini-magazine with business tips and access to our Lady Boss Loot membership community where you can collaborate with other business women, read additional articles and take e-courses related to the monthly theme.

Can I choose what goes in my box? Sorry, no. The fun of a subscription box is the surprise factor. It’s like having a birthday every month! You can follow Lady Boss Loot on social media if you are getting anxious and love sneak peeks, but otherwise, I try to keep the major items a surprise. Rest assured, the curated items are chosen to suit female entrepreneurs. Once you are a subscriber, you also have access to the submission portal where you can send suggestions for future box items and article or box topics.

Can I choose the type of snack? Unfortunately, at this time I do not have the capacity to have multiple snacks to cater to different allergies and dietary choices. There is however an option to either include the snack or leave it out of the box at checkout. Please note that removing the snack does not reduce the cost of the box.

What are the perks of the community membership? One of the best parts is the community membership! It comes included with your box subscription (a steal!) and is only $19/month if you do not want the added box*. You have access to articles, courses, planners, and you can submit suggestions for future course or box additions. You’ll have access to the box archives and magazines in case you need to locate a past product. If Facebook is your jam, you also get access to the private Facebook community. Additionally, all community members earn Rose Gold Coins that can also be spent in the marketplace. *If you choose to purchase a single box instead of a subscription, you will still get community access for 1 month.

I live minimally so I don’t want the box, but would still like a community membership, is that possible? Absolutely! One of the best parts is the community membership! It is only $19/month if you do not want the added box. You have access to everything box members have once you are on the member side of the website. Articles, courses, planners, and you can submit suggestions for future course or box additions. You’ll even be able to view the box archives in case you decide you’d like to give the box a go!


Where do you ship? Currently, Lady Boss Loot ships to the United States only. Sign up to our email list for updates on our shipping policies.

How much is shipping? Shipping is $6 no matter where you are located in the U.S.

When will I get my box? All boxes for the current month are shipped during the 3rd week of the month, between the 15th – 20th. If you are a current subscriber or placed your order before the end of the previous month, you can expect your box within 3-7 days of the ship date. For example, if you subscribed on February 28th, you will receive the March box that will be shipped around March 15th. However, if you subscribed on March 2nd, you will receive the April box shipped around April 15th. You will receive an email when your box has been shipped. There may occasionally be extra boxes and those can be purchased in the LBL Marketplace after all subscriber boxes have been shipped out.

What happens if I don’t receive my box? Your box is shipped with a tracking number that is emailed to you when the shipment is created. Track the shipment via the USPS website to find out where it is in transit. If it has been delivered, check with your neighbors or family members to make sure they did not intercept the delivery. If your box was lost or damaged during shipping, we will work with you to get a new box out to you as soon as possible provided there are extras in the marketplace inventory. If there are no remaining boxes in the marketplace, we will issue you a credit for your missed box.

I only want one box. Do you have a trial? You can absolutely purchase 1 box! There is an option to purchase a single box in the store while supplies are available. Remember, these boxes do not renew and you will have to re-visit the website the following month if you would like to receive another box.

When am I billed? If you purchase a subscription, you are billed at the end of the month you subscribe and as long as you have signed up before the end of the month. Your box will be shipped between the 15th – 20th of the upcoming month. Current subscribers are re-billed on the last day of each month until membership is cancelled. There are no contracts or ongoing commitments, cancel or pause anytime in your membership dashboard. If you purchase a single box, you will be charged immediately. Past boxes ship right away, current boxes ship with the other subscriptions.

Can I update my own profile and mailing address? Yes! Once in the membership dashboard, you can visit your account page to update your personal information, profile images, addresses and billing information. If you need assistance, we can also do it from the backend, just send an email to support@ladybossloot.com.

How do you handle returns and exchanges? Due to the nature of this subscription box, returns and exchanges are not accepted. Boxes are curated monthly to surprise you with different products that you might not normally choose or be able to acquire yourself. If there is something you absolutely do not want or can’t use, please consider gifting it or donating it to someone else. I would however, love to hear your feedback so I can be more aware of product sourcing in the future.

Subscriptions & Cancelations

Does my subscription automatically renew? If you choose a recurring subscription, your subscription will automatically renew and there is no need to reorder on the website every month. There are single box purchases available in the marketplace and all gift subscriptions (no matter the length) are non-renewals. There are no contracts or commitments and you can cancel anytime in your member account area.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription? Absolutely! You are in complete control of your subscription. Just go into your account to pause or downgrade your subscription. If you need help adjusting the frequency, send an email to support@ladybossloot.com or submit a support ticket for help.

What is your cancellation policy? Current subscribers are re-billed on the last day of each month. As long as you cancel your subscription before the re-bill date, you will not be shipped the upcoming box and you will not incur any new charges. If you cancel after the billing period, you will receive the next box before your subscription ends. If you get charged and realize that you do not want to upcoming month, please contact support@ladybossloot.com as soon as possible so we can update your billing. We allow a 5 day grace period after renewals in which we will still grant a refund. We can not grant refunds beyond the 5 days because box orders have gone into processing. There are no contracts or commitments and you can cancel anytime in your member account area.

Partners & Affiliates

How can I partner with you and get my product in your box? I love meeting fellow business owners who want to partner. Please see the partner page to find out if your product is a good fit. If you think it would resonate with LBL subscribers, please submit the form or email hello@ladybossloot.com and I’ll be in touch!

Do you have a referral program? Yes! Once you subscribe, you can request to be added to the ambassador program. You can also join the ambassador program without purchasing a box – although I feel you will be able to promote the product better if you have seen a box and gone through the experience. For each person referred, you receive $5. Read more on our partner page. As a member, you also get points that you can use for future purchases in our store. Our points are called Rose Gold Coins and you get bonus coins for sign ups, actions you take on our site, and birthday coins!

Do you have an affiliate program? Yes! Please check our partner page for more details.

Do you partner with social media influencers? Yes! Please see our partner page for more information on becoming an influencer for Lady Boss Loot. You must have a following of at least 5000 on one social media channel or a combined 7000 between 3 of them. Our brand resonates best with users on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest, and business-minded women ages 25-45.